The Coolest Things To Do On A Cruise Ship

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Sea going vessels are cool in-and-of-themselves but there are even cooler things you can do while on a ship most of which are going to be for free. It is actually crazy how many things you can do on a holiday cruise that you might not even get to do anywhere else. These ships have been built for entertainment and they have so many fun activities you can try, such as:

Taking a walk on the wild-side

A lot of luxury cruises will probably have a sea-walk. A sea-walk is this really amazing glass walkway that sort of hangs over the side of the ship which literally allows you to walk over water if you are daring enough to do so. It is a wonderful experience that you really would not want to miss out on. But if just walking around is not your thing then why not try skydiving? Yes, you read that correctly I said sky diving and yes it is legitimately aboard a cruise ship. The simulated sky-diving experience is both safe and exhilarating if you are brave enough to try it.

Try zip-lining, rope climbing or rock climbing

Most luxury family cruises Australia have obstacle courses suspended high in the air (or if you prefer it there will also be ones lower on the ground). And if you dare to venture up to the top to have some thrill-seeking fun, you are bound to get beautiful views of the open oceans all around you. So if you enjoy thrilling sports then these are the activities you should try, I mean come-on, how many people can say they have zip-lined on a really fancy sea-going vessel? Not many I can guarantee that. So be fearless and go zip lining, rock climbing or go conquer the very well made rope obstacle courses.

Take a dip in the pool or experience a plethora of water related activities

You can do something as relaxing as laying by the pool sipping a milkshake brought to you by a waiter (as snobbish as that sounds, you likely deserve it for the price you are paying to be a guest on-board the ship). Or you can take one of the crazily large slides that will have you screaming with excitement and squeaking in surprise at all the twists and bends before you splash into a pool.

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