Where You Should Make Your Stops On The Southern Coast Of Australia?

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The Great Ocean Road is a dream come true for most enthusiasts of backpacking and road trips. The road in question is a stretch of over two hundred kilometres that hugs the entire southern coast (and part of the eastern coast) of Australia. The importance of this highway can be understood by the simple fact that it has even been acknowledged as a heritage site of the country. The road is not only accompanied by the scenic ocean waves and the pristine beaches of the country, but there are a number of places to visit all throughout the journey, making it one of the worthiest road trips to take when visiting Australia. If you are planning to visit this specific heritage sight, here are some of the places where you definitely need to stop your vehicle:

Beach Locations

As the name would imply, the Great Ocean Road is filled with marine attractions, the most famous of which would no doubt be the 12 Apostles and the Split Point Lighthouse. The popularity of the two is enough for tourists planning great ocean road and 12 apostles tour, but keep in mind that these two are not the only sightseeing spots you should be seeing. There are a number of beaches scattered throughout, such as the Bells Beach, and plenty of wonderful examples of waves weathering the land, as in the natural grottos and arches you can see

.Parks and Hills

If you thought beaches and the ocean were all you had to see on a Great Ocean Road day trip or private tour great ocean road, then stand corrected – there is actually a number of spots to visit if you are aching to see some flora and fauna endemic to the country. Of these, the more famous spot is the Great Otway National Park, a natural reserve spanning over 100,000 hectares of pristine forests that are hundreds upon hundreds of years old. There are beaches and coastlines to take in amongst the trees and the wildlife, but there are also breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls to be found hidden away in this beautiful park. The park is not the only spot to enjoy the vegetation, and if you want to rest anywhere, then by all means, stop for a few days and camp at Lavers Hill. Coming together with a quaint little town for you to enjoy, this location offers not only plenty of hiking and camping opportunities, but also a chance to visit a dormant volcano.

Cheese World

And lastly, if you have gotten tired – for any reason in the world – of being amongst the nature for the entirety of your trip (and you are not exactly at fault: the whole stretch of road is actually very sparsely civilized!), why not include a famous cheese factory as yet another stop in your road trip? Found right along the Great Ocean Road, the stop is a welcome break to indulge in not only an exquisite amount of cheese varieties, but also many fine wines!

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